DJane Alegra Cole (Germany) - finest Music & Elegance

ALEGRA COLE (Germany) - DJane for Fashionshows, corporate events, Roadshows & more

Style: Lounge Music, Deep- and House Music, Indie, Funk, Nu Disco

After many successful backgrounds as an International Model, Alegra started her way as a House DJane.

So it happened that Alegra Cole, daughter of a conductress and pianist, took advantage of her musical talent. After playing the drums, she started with the first steps of Mixing.

In 2009 she was the winner of a German DJcasting. After a while, she got to know Marc Caruso who was very impressed of her talent. He started to refine the last steps of a proffesional House DJane. It took only a few months, after selected and well known clubs in Germany and Switzerland started to book her.

2009 - 2011 She deejayed in Germany at the Zapata and the Aer Club; for the Quality Style Venues at the P1, Nektar, Amici; A5 Discoplex, Max´s Club, for the famous Fashion TV Parties and the selected Audi Sports Night, which are visited by Celebrities and International VIPs like Brigitte Nielsen, etc. .
In 2012 Alegra started to play on corporate events and was was booked in Germany and all around Europe (Turkey, France, Spain, Italy ...) especially in France she had great success. Her mixes and interviews are on European internet radio stations like,

Alegra Cole is dressed by International fashion brands such as PUMA, Rich & Royal, TW Steel watches and Pesavento jewlery, while adding the perfectl track to each event.

In addition, she is one of the first DJanes worldwide who mixes live on Fashion Shows like the CPD in Düsseldorf, Mercedes Benz Fashionweek, Fashion TV, Vogue Fashion Night, Esisto Cashmere Berlin, and many more.

In 2014 She plays in Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Germany for Audi, Style Award in Frankfurt , Award in Berlin and a lot of well known companies.

Her first single comes out : I don´t want feat. Eve la Beauf which has great success in the USA!

DJane Alegra Cole is a talented woman, with the perfect feeling for a sophisticated and cool party crowd - a high class prime time act. Alegra's Facebook Page.